Relief from neck, back, nerve pain

29 Dec

Pain from muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves can be effectively relieved with physical medicine. Alternative Health is one of the few clinics that offer a variety of solutions by combining treatments that correct your problem. It has taken decades for Dr. Tom to develop the capacity to administer the major treatments used in physical medicine. Click on the services menu on top of the page and you will find a drop down menu where information on manipulation, acupuncture, spinal decompression, massage and physical therapy is presented.

Following comprehensive examination using Western and Eastern diagnosis Dr. Tom will recommend the best treatments for you. Your response will determine how these treatments should be administered.

Combining physical treatments is called multidisciplinary therapy. There is a growing consensus that this type of care is the best way to approach musculoskeletal conditions. Western Medicine has failed to come up with effective protocols for the treatment of such notoriously stubborn conditions as lower back pain which has reached epidemic proportions. At least a few of the best MDs who represent regular medical schools recognize that conservative care is better than drugs and surgery for such notoriously stubborn conditions as lower back pain.

Receive physical treatment staged to effectively solve your problem from highly experienced practitioners at Alternative Health.


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