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Chiropractic manipulation restores function and alignment to the spinal column taking pressure off of nerves that can cause pain.  It is especially effective for correcting neck and back problems and associated pain into the head, arms and legs.

Flexion distraction mobilizes the lower back.  (Spinal Decompression)

Spinal decompression or motorized axial intermittent traction pumps and rehydrates discs in the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine. It is used in the management of disc syndromes like herniations and bulges and related lower back pain and leg pain or sciatica.  = flexion distraction –

Therapeutic massage relieves muscle tension and complements active treatment.

Active rehabilitation in the form of stretching and appropriate exercise is necessary to maintain spinal health.  It is also useful for shoulder conditions.

Passive physical therapy such as ultrasound and electric muscle stimulation is an important adjunct to manipulation and other treatments.

Acupuncture profoundly affects the whole body.  Electric stimulation can be added for specific joint conditions.

Herbal and vitamin supplements are important for systemic health.

Automobile accident injuries are most effectively treated with a combination of the above therapies.  Dr. McCroskey recently helped lobby the state legislature for enactment of $5,000 automatic medical payments for treatment of injuries regardless of fault.   The elimination of subrogation means benefits are no longer reimbursed from bodily injury settlements.

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