chiropracter manipulation in Denver CO

Dr. Tom McCroskey with a patient.

Of all the work, I enjoy manipulation of the spine the most.  Manipulation or adjustment of the vertebrae or bones of the spine that are out of place usually results in instant relief.  Manipulation is the best and often only effective treatment for many conditions such as some tension headaches.  Traditional chiropractors, such as myself, manually move the vertebrae to relieve back and neck pain and take the pressure off pinched nerves.

While most conditions require a series of treatments, some respond with one session. I had a middle aged man who was so out of alignment came in doubled over in such pain and was literally gasping for air.  After relaxing his mid back with electric stimulation and heat, he was instantly cured with an adjustment. He got up from the table and was able to walk and breathe normally.

Nerve pain in the arms or legs may require a series of treatments with acupuncture, traction and/or massage.  Your best plan of treatment is based on full evaluation.

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