Physical Rehabilitation

physical therapy in denver colorado with Dr. Tom McCroskey

Physical Therapy and Active Rehabilitation

Stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular exercise is an integral part of your recovery. We will go over simple floor stretches that take pressure off your discs and come up with an exercise plan.

Lack of direct blood supply to discs and the pivotal role of the lower back often contributes to long healing times without treatment. The first goal is to avoid getting worse by improper bending, twisting, lifting and prolonged sitting.

Neck injuries can cause serious problems without proper treatment.  Healing can take less time than for the lower back because of less demands of only supporting the weight of the head.  Aggravation of irritated area should be avoided at all costs by maintaining the head and neck in a neutral position.  The patient should not pop or crack their own neck under any circumstances.

Good posture is vital. Orthopedic bolsters and pillows that support the curves of the back are available at the clinic.

Shoulder problems can often be cured with daily stretching.  A custom program will be designed for each individual patient.

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