Thanks for the creative and quick solution to my nagging wrist and neck problems with acupuncture, herbs and chiropractic! I am so grateful to be at this higher state of health and will continue getting care to maintain my progress. My recommendation: give Dr. Tom a try today!
– Deb Ford, D.C.

The staff at Alternative Health has been excellent. I was having a lot of pain from a recent car accident. Tom went above and beyond to come up with a plan to help alleviate pain. I had a shoulder that was very loose and with acupuncture electric stem it helped tighten my shoulder. I would recommend them to anyone. They have been great. I really like Gail and her massages rocked.
– Misty Medeiros

I am a 86 year old woman who had breast cancer in 1980. The radical mastectomy included a muscle removal which affected my balance. Before seeing Dr. McCroskey I had been several chiropractors which helped some. Dr. McCroskey has always been more thorough and has given me referrals to other physicians, including M.D.s’ if needed. I have been seeing Dr. McCroskey since 1992 and have been very pleased with the results. A year ago I had a bad fall which injured my right leg and he has been helping me with the injury.
– Pauline Dole

I’ve been a patient of Dr. McCroskey for six years. My first impression of him was that he was amiable. He saw me at the last minute on Saturday. I’ve seen “Dr. Thom.” for a variety of health related reasons; chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression and acupuncture. All of the modalities that he offers are conductive to helping the body heal itself. The best reason I have for remaining a patient of Alternative Health is that both Bob and Dr. Thom. Are both professional while friendly. The clinic doesn’t practice the 3X a week for a year or your won’t get better policy I’ve encountered at other practices. I would recommend Alternative Health to anyone.
– Jezza Jackson

I was injured pretty bad in a hit & run rear-end accident. When I came into Alternative Health I couldn’t stand up straight. I had tremendous pain in my lower back and a headache that felt like someone was taking a hammer & hitting me with it. After seeing Dr. Thomas McCroskey I am no longer in any pain. I am even at the point where I can start lifting weights & playing sports again. Us as humans and the medical field should look at chiropractic medicine instead of pills and or surgery as a first option!! Thank you Alternative Health, I’m truly grateful.
– Dana Simmons

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